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Mindbending demo of building an AWS Lambda front-end with babashka and scittle that interacts with other AWS features like Polly:

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Endre Bakken Stovner15:06:17

In my REPL I get:

user> (require '[babashka.process :as p :refer [process]])
;; => nil
user> (process ["ls"])
Error printing return value (IllegalArgumentException) at clojure.lang.MultiFn/findAndCacheBestMethod (
Multiple methods in multimethod 'simple-dispatch' match dispatch value: class babashka.process.Process -> interface clojure.lang.IDeref and interface clojure.lang.IPersistentMap, and neither is preferred
How do I fix this?

Endre Bakken Stovner15:06:12

I guess you aren't meant to be able to print processes like that...


Is this a bb repl?


It seems cider is using pprint in the REPL then:

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:31

Do you also know why CIDER might be eating my stderr? The below gives stderr output in a regular REPL, but not in CIDER:

(require '[babashka.process :as p :refer [process]]
         '[ :as io])
(def bwa-mem (process ["bash" "-c" "bwa mem -R '@RG\\tID:A\\tSM:A'  /Users/endrebakkenstovner/everclear/snakemake-flow/data/genome.fa /Users/endrebakkenstovner/everclear/snakemake-flow/data/samples/A.fastq | samtools view -Sb - > /Users/endrebakkenstovner/everclear/snakemake-flow/bwa-map/genome/hg19/sample/A/bwa-map.bam"] {:err :inherit
                           :shutdown p/destroy}))
(with-open [rdr (io/reader (:out bwa-mem))]
  (binding [*in* rdr]
    (loop []
      (let [line (read-line)]
        (println :line line)
      (when (not (nil? line))

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:44

Just curious. Otherwise I'll ask in CIDER.

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:07

The above command would only show stderr output.


the stderr of a process is written to System/err, if you use :inherit, not to *err*


Unless you configure it with {:err *err*}


that is probably the issue

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:43

Yes, it was! I had been playing around with it for so long XD, thanks!

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:46

Anyways, can I use :shutdown to issue a callback after process has finished? Or is some other way recommended? I'd love to do (process bwa-map {:shutdown #(do (notify-others %) (p/shutdown %))


currently there is no callback that you can add when the process exits, but it is possible to add this

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:15

But can't I cheat in the way I showed above?


I think you can. But the :shutdown hook is only executed when the JVM or babashka shuts down, not directly when the process itself ends


but in Java 11 there is an onExit hook


which babashka.process could also support


it depends on your use case, so far I didn't need it

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:45

That would be neat. My program dispatches plenty of jobs (think make) and I would love to be notified when they finish (ideally with all the info found in (process ...)) so that I could process the results easily.


you could use this as of today, but using Java interop


the process is available under :proc

Endre Bakken Stovner16:06:54

Mind if I ask you questions if I can't get it working? XD I'll start looking into it now 🙂


sure. is your target with this usage the JVM or bb?


I don't think bb allows interop with CompleteableFuture yet


user=> (def proc (:proc (babashka.process/process ["ls"])))
user=> (def cf (.thenApply (.onExit proc) (reify java.util.function.Function (apply [this p] (.exitValue p)))))
user=> (.get cf)

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Endre Bakken Stovner17:06:32

This worked beautifully, thanks.


I expected this to work from a bb script, since I saw a usage of classes in an example in the book:

(import [ DatagramSocket
yet, Unable to resolve classname: :thinking_face:


i've done no setup other than the shebang so if I have to get into pods or a bb.edn, I haven't tried that


A selection of Java classes are available, see babashka/impl/classes.clj in babashka's git repo.


The example I saw was at the end of this section:


do I need to do something classpath-y in order to invoke an import like that?


gotcha, didn't consider that a subset of might be present


we could consider adding it if there is a good use case for it and if the added binary size is still reasonable. could you explain why you need it?


I am communicating with datadog via UDP datagram


I might should just use curl instead


Are you the same person I recently gave the statsd example to? I think that is all you need


I am not, I bet I could reuse it


great, I'm sending events rather than incrementing a thing but, I think I can see enough to find my way toward that


I added InetSocketAddress for the next release so the next person won't run into this issue again


It's been a pretty successful day getting babashka to help me do a task. One thing though: I created a second .clj file, and went to require the other one, and it's not found. I figured: 1. I'll probably have to learn more about classpaths to do that; but also, 2. Maybe if I split up namespaces that's a sign I'm using babashka for too large a problem?


@U0E9KE222 1. This works pretty similar to how normal Clojure projects work. Add a bb.edn instead of a deps.edn and add your source directories to :paths. An alternative to using the classpath is using load-file.


2. No, this is totally fine


I'm adding functionality to existing shell scripts, which will call my program, so I thought it was the right thing to grab. I could be wrong and it's a good time in this project to figure out if I am 🙂