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Michael Lan01:06:26

Is it possible to get syntax highlighting and/or paren matching when using babashka on the command line?


@michaellan202 Note entirely sure what you mean, but you can get syntax highlighting with a tool called bat which is a replacement for cat. For editing code, I would just recommend doing that in an editor, possibly connected to the socket server or nrepl server of babashka.

Michael Lan15:06:26

sorry for the bad explanation, I meant if it would be possible to get syntax highlighting when I do bb '(print 3)' for example. It is more of a tooling question than a babashka question, sorry about that 😅


@michaellan202 right, yeah, you can use to get highlighting of EDN output


bat also works:

echo '(inc 1)' | bat -l clojure

Michael Lan15:06:34

awesome, thanks!