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Ory Band15:06:32

Hi. I'm looking for an example on sending UDP messages using babashka, but can't find anything that works. Specifically this example fails because java.Net.InetSocketAddress isn't available! Any suggestions? More specifically, I need to send DataDog API metrics. So if you could suggest an alternative solution to that problem, I'll be happy as well.

Ory Band15:06:07

Followup question: I also need to send a MongoDB query to a db cluster in my local LAN. Any suggestion on how to do that? Best solution I've found is to install mongo shell and call it via (sh ..


you could shell out indeed, or you could use an http service of this mongodb if it has one


Perhaps we could write a babashka pod for mongodb similar to, but so far nobody has requested it


Building Video Edit Tools with #clojure, #babashka, and FFmpeg by Adam James

Adam Helins19:06:28

What's your favorite way of using BB on CircleCI? (install + cache)


If you're asking me, I would just just curl a github release, or use the install script:


I don't cache, since this install usually takes no longer than a second or so, but you can do so if you wish.

Adam Helins19:06:38

Great, I wasn't sure how to cache it effectively

Stel Abrego21:06:34

Hey y'all! Here's an example of simple babashka task and bb.edn. I run bb backup for quickly creating a SQL backup of a local Postgres database inside a git repo. The advantage over bash/zsh scripting is that I can easily ensure the ./backups directory exists and print helpful messages like the backup's filename.

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Stel Abrego22:06:24

Thank you @borkdude👋 Looking forward to your ClojureD talk, either live or when it gets posted depending on if they accept my (late) application for a ticket. I'm excited to hear more about GraalVM because I packaged zprint for NixOS, but I think the Graal flags need improvement. Just want to understand the whole compilation system better in general.