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Thanks. Yes, *~ is all files ending in tilde.


This might be tangential, but here鈥檚 a better way to solve the emacs ~ files issue: Tell emacs to create them in a dedicated directory (in this example ~/.emacs/savefile/):

(defconst savefile-dir (expand-file-name "savefile" user-emacs-directory))
;; create the savefile dir if it doesn't exist
(unless (file-exists-p savefile-dir)
  (make-directory savefile-dir))

David Pham09:05:36

Hello 馃檪 congrats on 0.4.0! It is a big release. I wonder with the addition to Selmer, if we could also consider adding this library from Yogthos for templating with hiccup?


@neo2551 I think you could also just run that lib from source? It doesn't seem like a popular, widely used library yet, so including it seems pre-mature

David Pham09:05:26

Make sense :), but yes you could use from source indeed. I just find it more natural as a Clojure dev.


We already have hiccup included. This library seems to re-implement hiccup. Why do you need this lib?

David Pham09:05:47

Because for now, we generate hiccup through function calls as in (defn f [x] [:div x]) whereas with template, you can define a plain data structure [:div :data/x] and then replace :data/x with the hiccup-template/hiccup function.

David Pham09:05:03

This allows you to serialize the template

David Pham09:05:12

so you could have your template in plain .edn file

David Pham09:05:50

when your logic is mostly replacing the fields with data.

David Pham09:05:55

does it make sense?

David Pham09:05:33

I would say we dissociate the act of writing the template and the function call?


yeah, I think the library is basic enough to be run from source right now.

David Pham09:05:54

thanks for your hinsight 馃檪

David Pham09:05:57

hindsight 馃檪

Karol W贸jcik16:05:09

@borkdude Static binary is basically an executable with musl built in?



馃憤 3

a static binary would be great


well, ^ there is one, try it out? :)

馃憤 3

馃槈 that鈥檚 the plan


We're releasing an MIT-licensed project using babashka to to configure WordPress servers on EC2. The MySQL code is more robust than the examples (it can handle tabs), although not suitable for untrusted/arbitary input. Code's at


@borkdude Do you still want a MySQL/MariaDB example app? I just saw


@jshaffer2112 That was more about adding feature flags to babashka to support the mysql driver than about shelling out to the mysql binary.


I'd much rather use JDBC than deal with the hellscape of mysql escaping


I'd be happy to write an app up if it would help


@jshaffer2112 I think honeysql (v2) can be of service here


it's compatible with bb afaik


if you want to shell out to mysql


ah yeah, it would be nice to have a reference example of how to do graalvm native with mysql


A direct PR to that project would work too

馃憤 3

The project is looking exciting btw!