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What's the process for releasing the next version of a Babashka Pod? Specifically pod-babashka-etaoin, PR#4 has already been merged but it's still not released. Alternatively, is there a way to use the pod without waiting for a release?


I will release it, just forgot about it


Just watched the video on tasks. Looks really promising! To the scenario at the end of using shell instead of :depends to ensure that stuff are run sequentially, could you not just use a vector of vectors? So everything on the same level of the vector could run in parallel. Ex :depends [clean [jar]] would run sequentially, whilst :depends [css cljs] would run in parallel.


Figured it would be a bad idea


Better to maybe have a function that annotates the stuff that can run in parallel. :depends [clean (ex/parallel css cljs)]


@jvtrigueros Should be released now

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howdy y'all! What is the quickest way to get an editor with a babashka repl. Ideally single click. On windows. Think Powershell ISE


@kbosompem VSCode with Calva for sure

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@kbosompem The sequence of actions is: In terminal: bb nrepl-server Start VSCode Install calva plugin. In the command palette: Calva: connect to a Running REPL server not in project and then enter the port number (default for bb nrepl-server = 1667)


Not a single click but easy enough


My clj-kondo and babashka builds build on different CIs and in different steps. I wanted to have a script that uploads artifacts from those different CIs/steps to a new or existing draft release so I don't have to do that manually anymore. I cobbled a script together here: I still have to hook it up to the CI builds but locally it works pretty nice already.


@borkdude definitely not a single click but good enough. Thanks!


TIL. bb nrepl-server has a default.

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This also works:

$ bb nrepl-server 0
Started nREPL server at
but then the port number is random, and there is not a really nice way to get the port number besides copy pasting it yourself


nrepl usually writes the port to a file, does bb nrepl-server do the same?


It doesn't currently do that. It wasn't clear what to do here, since you might also have a Clojure REPL in the project and then you would have conflicting files. There is a script here which can help with that.


oh I see..I see the problem with two of them opened at the same time