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I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but if you need access to a clojure.lang.* class that isn't explicitly available in babashka, you can find them on your own 😬

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Babashka v0.3.3: This contains a preview version of babashka tasks, a feature somewhere in between Makefile, npm scripts and lein aliases. Please try it out and provide feedback. Caution, this feature is expected to change or might even go away completely, based on feedback.

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Duck Nebuchadnezzar18:04:36

I seem to be getting an error when I try to use the new tasks feature


@duck You need to either quote (+ 1 2 3) or put it in a separate argument

Duck Nebuchadnezzar18:04:50

fwiw, I took that from issue 778


{:tasks {eval (clojure "-M -e '(+ 1 2 3)'")}}

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Fixed in the issue, thanks

Duck Nebuchadnezzar19:04:52

Don't know if you want things like this in the issue or not, but you should probably sort the names in list-tasks otherwise the sort becomes unpredictable after 8 tasks


ah crap, I had it in there before but I removed the sort call :)


I'll add it to the issue