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@borkdude is there a chance of a deps.clj-linux-static-amd64.tar.gz on the next release? I am stuck on an old GLIBC in the short term


@U2MPUENUC Can you try this one?


This channel silently passed 500 bb hackers, wow!

💪 39
🎉 15
babashka 36
catjam 3

Just want to reiterate how much I appreciate bb. Usually stuck writing C# and TypeScript at work these days, so having babashka ready to do some small stuff in Clojure during my work day feels like a breath of fresh air. Used the bb curl lib to automate some API-calls yesterday. Was so fun and simple compared to writing up some tedious program in .Net 5. The fact that it supports running an nrepl makes connecting it to an editor so simple. bb really is a nice tool, no wonder there are 500 of us on here.