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Good news (I think). First stab at a aws-api pod. Calling it a day. Happy new year!

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S3 requests work as well. only aws/doc gives some problems (it prints to standard out). Will look at it later


Small dev tip: You can test the pod from the JVM without going native:

(pods/load-pod ["clojure" "-M" "-m" "pod.babashka.buddy"])
this is faster for iterating


But you probably already figured that out ;)


@U0FT7SRLP I created the repo here and gave you write access. If you want you can continue over there: Currently I'm getting this:

$ bb test.clj
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo
Message:  Cannot find resource cognitect/aws/s3/service.edn.
but I'm sure you can figure it out from here


Feel free to poke me. I also added @rahul080327 and will add more people if they want, until there is a release that's suitable to make public


Thanks @U04V15CAJ , @U0FT7SRLP feel free to poke me about things too, I’m equally happy to help out 💪


@U04V15CAJ and @rahul080327 I’ve pushed a first version and created a PR

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I would like to test it out too, please add 'digash'


One last time this year! @rahul080327 and I are happy to announce the sqlite3 pod! Use sqlite from babashka. The pod is self-contained, no need to install sqlite3 on your system. Implemented in golang and uses transit for communication. Even blobs work.

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@thomas.ormezzano Btw, we used the go transit library for the above to deal with the bytes over the wire, it worked well

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David Pham17:12:24

Just a silly question, but would it be possible to use pod with traditional Clojure applications?

David Pham17:12:36

I would be interested into linking this go app with Clojure to support "dqlite"

David Pham17:12:00

dqlite is a distributed sqlite from Canonical


@neo2551 Yes, you can use pods with the JVM

David Pham17:12:17

Interesting 🙂


you will need to use the pods library:

Roman Tsopin17:12:39

I asked before, but maybe something has changed then, is there jsch pod or something?


What would a jsch pod do for you - can you describe the use case?

Roman Tsopin17:12:13

I’m looking for ssh port forwarding solution. Last time I built my own binaries by compiling some clojure code with graalvm. Maybe I’m wrong calling it pod, basically I want something that allows me to stay within bb script and use jsch


Can you sketch what an example call would look like?


Last time someone asked about this I replied: what about shelling out to ssh using babashka.process - is there something that you could do with jsch which cannot be done that way?


There is a bb-like project (based on sci as well) which uses stuff like jsch under the hood: So I'm pretty positive that this can work, I just don't know the requirements that well

Roman Tsopin18:12:08

I think what I want is pretty close to clj-commons/clj-ssh just tried to run it with bb but it’s not working out of the box. Yes, shelling out is possible, but I wanted to abstract the platform

Roman Tsopin18:12:24

One example where shelling out is not a good option is native macOS apps. In sandbox you don’t have permission to run arbitrary binaries but only those you provide within your app


A pod is also loading an external binary btw. It's comparable to shelling out, it's just more structured

Roman Tsopin18:12:21

Right so I’m thinking this structure is quite helpful for bundling

Roman Tsopin18:12:26

thank you for your helpful responses @U04V15CAJ and happy new year! :)


I made an issue here: I'm willing to set up a private skeleton project in the babashka repo and invite you for collaboration if you want


To get things started


Thanks, the same to you!

Roman Tsopin18:12:54

Awesome, thanks again!


What is your github id?