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Travis Jefferson03:11:29

Hello! I’m trying to “hand-craft” a signed AWS HTTP request following these instructions One blocker that I’m hitting is the HMAC SHA256: looks like it’s possible via java.crypto, which isn’t part of bb I do also see that supports it as well (presumably via java.crypto)

Travis Jefferson03:11:43

I just had the idea to shell out to openssl directly, which seems like a super reasonable approach for my tinkering needs $ echo -n "value" | openssl sha256 -hmac "key"


I think we could maybe have a pod around buddy / security (provided this is only data in / data out)


but shelling out to openssl is a nice way too

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Travis Jefferson13:11:32

I’m happy with shelling out :thumbsup: up to you (of course) if/when to try incorporating `` java.crypto🙂 I trust you


It already has some classes (for calculating SHA-256), just not java.crypto

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Travis Jefferson13:11:30

yes, sorry, that’s what I meant


If it comes up more often, I'll consider it. Thanks!

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