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Lone Ranger17:09:10

@borkdude when I'm running the Babashka installer, will it automatically pickup v0.2.1 on new builds?


It isn’t release yet

Lone Ranger17:09:35

kk. I'm just trying to decide if I should be thinking about locking down versions or not in case something becomes backwards incompatible six years from now


@borkdude is there a template repo for a babashka pod?


@goomba I think we could support that in the installer script via a --version flag: Note that clj-kondo already has this: Feel free to contribute that change. I think we should move to flags for everything (while keeping the dir argument backwards compatible)


Thanks. Two questions: - Why the change for /tmp/bb instead of /usr/local/bin? - Does it still support the old way, i.e. only passing a directory name without flags?

Pradeep B15:09:31

dman, /tmp/bb was i tried that and came by mistake


$ ~/Downloads/install.txt /tmp
Installs latest (or specific) version of babashka. Installation directory defaults to /usr/local/bin.


I think what should happen is that if there's only one argument, it is interpreted as the dir. Else use flags


Else this will break existing users

Pradeep B15:09:13



You don't understand?

Pradeep B15:09:22

i got that - let me add the fix around this. I confused with ~/Downloads/install.txt /tmp


yeah sorry, Chrome downloads things as .txt. I don't know how to turn that off

Pradeep B16:09:20

only this specific combination need to be covered right for backward compatibility, right? How does this look now


I tested it and it works


I'll make an issue for that


@alekcz360 I don't know of a template, but you could take any existing project as an example: General docs are here:

Lone Ranger17:09:11

w00t! I'll jump on it