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@borkdude is there a special trick to make #!/usr/bin/env bb style scripts run within emacs? on a project where a .git/hooks/pre-commit uses bb but it doesn't work when used from magit

env: bb: No such file or directory
edit: found


fwiw, if you start your emacs from a terminal and things work it may mean that env var settings for certain dot files could use being elsewhere. i have this issue from time to time when using different distributions of linux as the proper location can vary. for example, currently i place some things in ~/.profile, but depending on one's shell and other factors, it may be better to put such settings in other files. if you're using macos there may be a relatively common answer to this issue (though if you've decided to use a shell other than the default possibly it may differ).


@robert-stuttaford yes, that's also in my init.el:

exec-path-from-shell ;; fix path in Emacs by reading from .zshenv
along with this:
(when (memq window-system '(mac ns))
  (setenv "SHELL" "/bin/zsh")

Daniel Tan10:09:28

anyone used babashka for high level k8s configuration?


@danieltanfh95 Does k8 use yaml? I do use it for CircleCI config generation. Not so familiar with k8s myself.

Daniel Tan10:09:29

yeah it does

Daniel Tan10:09:34

there’s a bunch of repeated stuff that i’m wondering if it’s worth to semi automate it away with a configuration-for-configuration kinda setup


I forgot for which project I'm doing this.. argh

Daniel Tan10:09:52

i’ll take a look when i get home


Are people already using Babashka to write linux services?


Is there anything bb can't do that's needed for this?


Don't think so. Just wondering, might be quicker to see an example in case there are pitfalls


I'll make a release at the end of the week that includes httpkit client and server (the server is marked experimental, until I'm convinced this is a good choice :))


Makes sense. I don't think they are needed for this particular case if that's what you mean, I'm guessing babashka.curl is enough for this one


Looking forward to testing that out.


Hey I have hacked a super basic pod to interact with dynamodb using the go aws sdk, I have only added a few dynamodb functions for now but it should be really easy to add other dynamodb functions (and AWS components). I don’t write go very often so the code might not be great at the moment but if I end up using it a lot I’ll try and make it better so it can be useful for other people as well

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Awesome. This is exactly how I envisioned something around AWS (either go, python or clj graal-native)


this looks like a great start


yeah you mentioned it ~10 days ago then I was on holidays for a week but that’s the first thing I did on my day back 😂


one small note: maybe call pod.dynamodb pod.tzzh.dynamodb, to avoid potential clashes (although it would be unlikely, this is what I've done in most pods)


ah yes good point :thumbsup: