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@vlaaad wrote a blog post about a simple way of parsing CLI args for Clojure centric scripts: Made a minor variant of it that works with bb scripts without a -main:


By the way, I realised I don’t need resolving symbols for my use-case and went with a bit simpler approach for reveal entry point

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Hey all, I am trying to plug together babashka and camel-snake-kebab in an uberscript but it appears that the NS’s get copied in to my file out of order so the ubserscript output needs to be rearranged


Is this a known issue or should I file in it on the babashka github?


Hmm, it should be copied in the order that the namespaces are required in.


If that's not the case, then it's probably a bug. An issue with repro would be good, I can take a look tomorrow


Sounds good, got a bunch of other work stuff on my plate ATM so I will try to get a repro together in the next couple of days


Also usability question, when including the shebang for bb it looks like it doesn’t get moved to the top of an uberscript, is this intentional?


If so, no big deal I can just make a little script that moves the shebang back to the top


I think uberscript just copies the namespace source as is. And it doesn't put a shebang on the top for the resulting script.


so if you require A and A requires B then the source code of ns B is copied on top, then A


shebangs in the middle of the code just get ignored by clojure (also shebangs at the start, it's only there for bash reallly)


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