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having been a relative late adopter of rg and only having recently started using fd, i had failed to notice these were written in rust. it seems possible that some of these tools would be more portable to the 3 platforms (may be because of them being newer / easier to modify, but also the build tools for rust seem to be oriented toward some cross-platformness?). if they do turn out to work better than their older counterparts (e.g. find, grep, etc.) on the 3 platforms, may be there is even more reason to use them with babashka. any thoughts on this speculation (similar reasoning might be applied to tools written in go perhaps)?


Wow. Thanks for this link. So many good things.


please share anything you find interesting from there or elsewhere :)



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Heh. There's a kondo in there.


yes indeed! seemed handy -- i have so many node_modules directories that could be hoping it might be helpful when i need to reclaim some disk space

Nate Sutton04:03:12

I had considered writing a bb wrapper for rg already

Nate Sutton04:03:45

I've been using rg and fd for a long while now and they're wonderful

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wow, ambitious


tempted to try it, but I have years of bash muscle memory


that's what i felt when i first encountered fish -- and i didn't end up using that. may be i will try this one though.


sorry if this is going off-topic 😅