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Nate Sutton02:01:29

hmmm yeah I can't figure this out

Nate Sutton02:01:43

but the good news is that clj-http-lite is working for me


@nate_clojurians you just run the script like you would normally do, but then with the uberscript option. Instead of running the script, bb will spit out a file


Thanks to the help from @alexyakushev's clj-async-profiler, hot loops with babashka are now 8x faster:

Nate Sutton15:01:50

weird, I'm seeing it also execute the script. I'll play with it some more

Nate Sutton15:01:09

but I'm also calling bb from another bb so maybe something is getting lost


yeah, if you're calling bb from another bb then the other bb doesn't know you're uberscripting

Nate Sutton15:01:51

I mean that I'm calling bb with the uberscript option

Nate Sutton15:01:53

it's a build script


oh then that should work

Nate Sutton15:01:14

yeah, something is funky

Nate Sutton15:01:30

I don't have time to look right now but hopefully tonight or this weekend


Anybody run babashka on a raspberry pi?


@mbjarland I guess that requires compilation to ARM. Never tried it but there are people who have been experimenting with this in #graalvm


welcome to try it out 🙂


Will do, will post something here if I get there