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Just saw the announcement on BB adding support for namespaces. What are the functions that were implemented? More specifically, was ns-map, ns-aliases, ns-publics and *ns* added to bb?


no, just the ability to have a namespace form like (ns foo (:require ...)) so programs are more compatible with normal Clojure. The only other thing is in-ns. This will have an effect on how keywords are resolved ::foo and ::str/foo.


One example of a portable script that can be run with both clojure and bb:


*ns* would be easy to add, if this is useful to anyone


since sci/bb doesn't have real vars yet, it behaves more or less like CLJS in that regard


Yes, it does. I asked because these are the functions I use for autocomplete on Chlorine, so if they were present I could enable autocomplete for bb 🙂


@mauricio.szabo I'm planning to support more like automatically loading user defined namespaces from other files or maybe loading from .jar files, etc, but it's a gradual process

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:11:32

I'm anyway amazed at the continual flow of improvements to bb :)