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re: babashka.http-client's default for throwing on exceptional status codes, although i find it nice with the chained error handling in my code but more often i need to put in the {:throw false} in cases where i need to program on the status code and integration tests. The latter seems to be much more than the former and I need to be aware of this. Would maybe defaulting to false be better? im not super opinionted though, just some use feedback 🙂


using bb and http.client to deal with the 589 repos at work we have and the rotation of thousands of keys and env vars due to the circleci incident, the default of throwing on exceptional status totally makes sense 🙏:skin-tone-5:

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no default is ever going to fit every use case I guess


yeah pretty much. most of my changing this is from code that retries and conditons on status codes and tests. could be a very me usecases too 😛


I think for scripting (babashka's main use case) the throw default makes sense


yeah all of this is in my big JVM clojure things