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I changed it so it looks in the ns -> munged path for pod-manifest.edn first, then the ns-minus-last-element -> munged path, repeat until it's down to a two-element ns -> munged path. it stops there so it isn't looking for e.g. com/pod-manifest.edn or pod/pod-manifest.edn. seems like a perfect example of why single-element namespaces are frowned upon.


I have one code path working of pulling in a library via :mvn/version. now need to make :local/root libs work too, and then figure out how this will work with uberscripts


interesting :)


I hope we can do the pod path searching as a last fallback thing so it won't affect non-pod namespace loading performance


Yes, it’s at the end of the chain of load-fn attempts. And it sets all the states & caches the files to do it much faster in the future.

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