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@borkdude I can see a couple different implementation options here and I'm curious if you have a preference: 1. Load & cache pod metadata (i.e. :describe response) at install time and then at the first require, do roughly the same load-pod process, sans :describe 2. Load & cache pod metadata at install time but also do all of the load-pod process (i.e. register the namespaces, put the pod-id into the pods atom, etc.) except shut down the pod process after :describe and don't kick off the bb.impl.processor future until the first invoke (when we would also start a new pod process). No. 1 is what we discussed previously, but I could see no. 2 being faster b/c it does more at install / cache-restore time (though it moves its smaller perf penalty from require to first invoke) and providing useful building blocks in the future like giving you the ability to shut down idle pods after a timeout, etc.