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Is anybody using RDS Proxy instead of a connection pool managed by the application itself? I'm just wondering if it's worth replacing our existing connection pool (hikaricp), perhaps to improve resilience against DB failover and simplify the app.


Connection pool of the app saves network roundtrip by keeping connection open, improves latency. RDS Proxy guards database from thousands of open connections from multiple clients. I've considered using RDS Proxy between lambdas and RDS, because DB had 200 connections limit and lambdas could scale up to 1000 instances.


Yeah, lambdas would be a good reason to use it but we don’t have them. Or perhaps aggressive autoscaling of ec2 instances?


yes, 10 instances each opening 20 connections will reach 200 connection limit


Interesting. We have MySQL on-prem right now but we've talked about RDS. We have connection pooling in our apps and each server has a MySQL Proxy but that's pretty much passthru and our DB has the connection limit upped to over 1,000 I believe... A few of our apps are very aggressive right now about DB access 🙂