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Drew Verlee22:09:25

What's the closest thing in aws to google cloud could build? Having a docker container as the unit of work seems so much better to me.


Not familiar with google cloud but let's you run a docker image for long running stuff, and you can also use containers as lambdas

Drew Verlee22:09:15

Fargate isn't comparable here. Aws code build batch is a similar idea to cloud build.

Drew Verlee23:09:39

It's basically a distributed graph, where each node is an os/container and the edges are some sharded file system.

Drew Verlee23:09:54

Codepipeline seems sightly more generic but i think it's also the same idea with less control over the os maybe...


oh AWS... :-) CodePipeline is one thing, but there's also CodeBuild


I think if you glue the two together you get an equivalent of GCP's service