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if you would build a web app ala clj-kit, how would you deploy? Just lambda?

Benjamin15:07:04 I just mean the style of app. Like you have some website, and it has some frontend, users click around maybe


I guess it was called kit-clj

Karol Wójcik17:07:38

Lambda and hl ring adapter to host static files if the size of a single file is less than 11MB and you dont expect much traffic. But if you do then S3 + Cloudfront is the cheapest option on AWS.

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:43

What artifacts does clj-kit produce? I assume a JAR + some static assets?

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:53

seems like the static assets are in the jar, so only a jar

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:24

I would probably deploy on an ec2 instance

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:35

the new graviton ones can be really affordable

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:56

and the JVM doesn’t care its ARM 🙂

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:19

You need to configure nginx with some nice secure setting, lets encrypt + a systemd service for the jar. If I were to do it from scratch I would template the configs with sablono which is included in babashka and run all of that from cloud-init - nice and simple 🙂

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:28

or I will try Lightsail (the AWS VPS); of course I’m making a lot of assumptions on the needs.

Karol Wójcik07:07:47

@U02CV2P4J6S can you elaborate what is your use case and what you need? How frequently the API will be used etc? PS: You can always develop your app with clj-kit and add hl-ring-adapter to target Lambda, since I know you mostly build apps on this service.


sounds interesting. It would be single users (team mates in house) clicking around for a few minutes. The thing would serve I think small html files. 1. a session might be more than 15min 2. I like the user to login with oauth2, so I would like to keep a session around. I guess with lambda I would need to log them in again after 15min, or persist the session.

Karol Wójcik08:07:45

> persist the session Isn't oauth2 a stateless authentication strategy? Therefore by persist you mean a "cookie" on frontend side? If yes why would you bother with how long the lambda lives?


You probably make perfect sense, yea. Indeed the fronted cookie fixes it

Karol Wójcik09:07:35

Okay, so if you expect only few mates to use the service then maybe you don't need Cloudfront, EC2, Nginx or whatever. Single lambda will do the trick.


yea thanks. I'll keep EC2 in mind for the next bigger thing

Karol Wójcik09:07:38

Yeah, you can also switch to EC2 if you didn't like the Lambda experience. Adding/removing adapter to a project is 2/3 lines of code 🙂