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Daniel Shriki12:05:01

aws has changed slightly the appconfig service’s rest api for fetching the configuration data - ‘./getConfigurations’ has deprecated, and now there is another mechanism using ‘StartConfigurationSession’ and ‘GetLatestConfiguration’ ( . I’ve tried to use cognitect (it’s the main aws lib I’m using) but when I’m running (aws/ops appconfig) it shows only the deprecated function. does anyone knows an alternative? amazonica does not support this service yet. tnx!


@daniels if it's a recently added API method, it take only a release of new library bumps after we run the service generators

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:05:43

they do a new service generator release about once/week (usually on Mondays)

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Daniel Shriki14:05:43

apparently I just wasn’t on the newest endpoint version, and it has been released not long ago 🙂 thanks!