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Drew Verlee05:01:06

I don't really know, you likely want to add your use case to the open issue or at at least bump it. Someone with more experience then me will likely be more likely to direct the request.


i did. thanks. for now we use amazonica, and it works. the thing that worries me though is datomic also using http-client and having issues too. we do not use it ATM, but the plan is there to replace s3 buckets with it.... 😿

fogus (Clojure Team)18:01:56

I don't think that the issue is with the client but instead it seems that the aws-api doesn't currently handle AWS_CA_BUNDLE. I have some cycles to look into this and will get that feature implemented ASAP.


anyone is aware how can one get around this issue? is it even possible? pass in custom http-client??


🙇 thanks a lot. that would be great.