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I was able to make the request with Boto3 in python using the same parameters and it works right away. There's likely to be a bug in aws-cli for this client, @alexmiller


@dennisa what Alex says is true, however, since I’m here …


(doc aws/client)
([{:keys [api region region-provider retriable? backoff credentials-provider endpoint endpoint-override http-client], :or {endpoint-override {}}}])
  Given a config map, create a client for specified api. Supported keys:
  :api                  - required, this or api-descriptor required, the name of the api
                          you want to interact with e.g. :s3, :cloudformation, etc
  :http-client          - optional, to share http-clients across aws-clients.
                          See default-http-client.
  :region-provider      - optional, implementation of aws-clojure.region/RegionProvider
                          protocol, defaults to
                          Ignored if :region is also provided
  :region               - optional, the aws region serving the API endpoints you
                          want to interact with, defaults to region provided by
                          by the region-provider
  :credentials-provider - optional, implementation of
                          protocol, defaults to
  :endpoint-override    - optional, map to override parts of the endpoint. Supported keys:
                            :protocol     - :http or :https
                            :hostname     - string
                            :port         - int
                            :path         - string
                          If the hostname includes an AWS region, be sure use the same
                          region for the client (either via out of process configuration
                          or the :region key supplied to this fn).
                          Also supports a string representing just the hostname, though
                          support for a string is deprectated and may be removed in the
  :retriable?           - optional, fn of http-response (see
                          Should return a boolean telling the client whether or
                          not the request is retriable.  The default,
                , returns
                          true when the response indicates that the service is
                          busy or unavailable.
  :backoff              - optional, fn of number of retries so far. Should return
                          number of milliseconds to wait before the next retry
                          (if the request is retriable?), or nil if it should stop.
                          Defaults to
  By default, all clients use shared http-client, credentials-provider, and
  region-provider instances which use a small collection of daemon threads.
  Alpha. Subject to change.
You should use the `:endpoint-override` key. There is no support for `:endpoint`.


I see that endpoint is included in the destructuring vector. I’ll remove that. I can’t recall if it was ever supported.