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is there an SSM parameter store lib people like? ednism looks nice, but was just thinking of using aws-api directly


eh maybe I just re-build the functionality of ednism with aws-api, it brings in the whole aws-java-sdk-ssm and some other stuff.


My experience so far has been that I use env vars for everything, and just write shell scripts to handle putting things into parameter store, and use the AWS infrastructure itself (mainly CloudFormation) to get the correct parameter store values into the process environment of my running code.


^ that, unfortunately, will not work for my use case but that totally makes sense. that integration has helped me in the past. 😄


I'm building a package for those who can't do that (say, Kubernetes users) to be able to resolve configs with aero or configuration other tooling from SSM instead of local EDN.


if I was just using ECS alternately I'd just use the built-in injections


plus what's nice about a lib like this is that I can eventually make it an adapter so Vault and conjur users can also use the same API.