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How do you guys use aws cognito? I built my own UI and used the adminApi to signup, verify signup and login through my own servers


@jarvinenemil I’m working on an app that uses Cognito in much the same way. I hope we’ll eventually store all “personally identifying information” there as well.


@dogenpunk do you also had the issue that the token is not valid if you use it directly after authenticating an user? from my logs: Time is: 2019-06-28T20:11:42 The Token can't be used before Fri Jun 28 20:11:48 CEST 2019.


I don't want to log in my user, and then wait for a few seconds until I can begin to hit my controllers with their tokens 😣


Check your server clock.


... assuming you’re validating the token on your server.


ah yes... I am doing the validation of the token locally atm so that might be the reason why 🙂 thanks @U6N4HSMFW!


It's off by a few seconds. But i'll be on elastic beanstalk in prod so i think it will work properly