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I’m interested in setting up a simple HTTP basic auth password to a staging site. Using elasticbeanstalk running nginx. I’m relatively new to aws and my devops knowledge relatively weak - anyone have example of pushing relevant .ebextensions files to set up so that the health check works and the htaccess / password files put in the right place?

Geoffrey Gaillard10:06:49

The first part of this tutorial worked for me If you are deploying a .zip archive to beanstalk make sure the .ebextensions folder is located at the archive's root. If you are deploying using the eb deploy shell tool, eb will build a zip file, so check what is inside to ensure your .ebextensions is correctly included. Same goes for an AWS Codepipeline deployment. If you never used eb I strongly encourage you to do so. I will make your life easier Hope it helps 😉

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