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Hi everyone 👋 Not really a Clojure question, but more of an AWS-specific query. Does anyone here have experience with AWS ELB / auto-scaling and deploying code updates across load balanced instances? We've been experimenting with CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and CodeBuild, but we're not quite getting the expected end result. I feel like we're missing a step somewhere to tell AWS to fetch our code from GitHub and potentially run a few other bash scripts, etc.


Hmm. So you have a standard AMI and on startup it loads the code you want?


I'm probably not going to be so useful here 😞 We run an in-house system that bakes new AMI snapshots for code deploys, so the component comes online and already has the code in place, init scripts to run it on boot etc. Deploying a new version is a case of baking a new AMI and then doing a rolling update of all the instances to use the new AMI snapshot using CloudFormation


I've created an EBS backed AMI which would be used in the auto scaling process


And I need to run some steps to build and deploy an Angular app and an API to the var/.../... folders


Same update steps would need to be run code code commits in the git repos


For existing instances already running


Aah yeah, different pattern. We would bake the app and API pre-installed into the AMI, then just use EBS volumes for log storage or data or similar. So new code = new AMI, kill and replace the instances in the ASG X at a time