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I have a problem getting amazonica to list my cloud formation stacks (cf/list-stacks) I’m able to list them with the aws cli and I can list my s3 buckets with amazonica (so I don’t think its a permissions error). All I get back is {:stack-summaries []} … any ideas? Thanks in advance.


@juliobarros are you looking at the right region?


Hmm … the aws cli works so I thought it would ‘inherit’ all the same settings.


The config is set to the right region.


@l0st3d You were right. I wrapped an explicit with-credential around it and got my stacks. … I wonder how the region is set and why it works for S3 and not cloudformation.


@juliobarros amazonica is a bit inconsistent about using :region and :endpoint ... I think it comes from the underlying aws lib, and the fact that s3 is so old now 😉


was just about to find some code where i had done that sort of thing and work out what i did ... but then you worked it out 😉


Thanks. I didn’t mention that it also works with (cf/list-stacks {:endpoint “us-west-2”})