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Hello, I have a problem with lein-beanstalk client which I can't really figure out. I have one project where I deploy to AWS via lein beanstalk deploy env and it just works. Now I copied aws plugin config from this project to new project and I am getting NPE exception like this


lein beanstalk info | head
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
 at com.amazonaws.AmazonWebServiceClient.setEndpoint ($beanstalk_client.invokeStatic (aws.clj:115)$beanstalk_client.invoke (aws.clj:114)$get_application.invokeStatic (aws.clj:145)$get_application.invoke (aws.clj:142)
    leiningen.beanstalk$app_info.invokeStatic (beanstalk.clj:80)
    leiningen.beanstalk$app_info.invoke (beanstalk.clj:77)
    leiningen.beanstalk$info.invokeStatic (beanstalk.clj:111)
    leiningen.beanstalk$info.invoke (beanstalk.clj:108)


Configuration of the plugin itself looks like this


Only difference is basically that I am using different AWS accounts for those two projects. However I switched accounts manually in .aws/config and .aws/credentials with no success. It also doesn't explain such weird exception. So is there anyone who encountered this as well?