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@ricardo: Cursive does indeed use Lambda for licence generation. I see something similar to what you’re seeing, the first invocation in a while takes ~7.2 seconds to access dynamo.


@ricardo: But I put Dynamo in to fix the fact that accessing some other service (probably KMS) caused timeouts - I suspect it’s the first access to an AWS service.


This doesn’t have anything to do with instance startup time, it’s accessing AWS services.


Thanks @cfleming. This is a pretty minimal example, since I wanted to do a basic start up time test that still called out to APIs of Clojure lambdas vs. ClojureScript. It does look like increasing the memory (and CPU along with it) is a workaround to improve the start up time, though.


@ricardo: Ok, interesting. I’m going to do more systematic tests of this next week for another project, I’ll report back.


@cfleming: Perfect. I may do a small write-up on these, in case someone else in the community is considering it.