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Kira Sotnikov15:10:09

clojuregeek: just interesting to take a look on the solution. I've saw only abstract posts about clojure code into aws lambda and very small examples

Kira Sotnikov15:10:45

I want to try it, but don't see an usecase for my purposes


@lowl4tency: so far i have used it for converting cloudtrail logs in json to tosca yaml ... so I post the json as input and convert it. A later version posted the converted yaml to SQS

Kira Sotnikov15:10:20

clojuregeek: what about costs?


have not been worried about it, we are doing a POC

Kira Sotnikov15:10:11

clojuregeek: it' interesting usecase, I've got datomic logs on a s3 bucket and it would be nice to have it in another system like papertrail


have you considered Amazon Pipeline for that ?

Kira Sotnikov15:10:36

haven't used pipeline at all hnestly


I haven't used pipeline