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I really hope they'll put up all of their slide decks afterwards. Can't make it there myself.


anyone noticing problems with AWS console?


also dynamo in us-east is having problems, wonder if they're related

Kira Sotnikov11:09:17

I 'm facing it

Kira Sotnikov11:09:06

Cloudtrail also has troubles

Kira Sotnikov11:09:09

alandipert: di you have any official info about?


3:00 AM PDT We are investigating increased error rates for API requests in the US-EAST-1 Region. 3:26 AM PDT We are continuing to see increased error rates for all API calls in DynamoDB in US-East-1. We are actively working on resolving the issue. 4:05 AM PDT We have identified the source of the issue. We are working on the recovery. 4:41 AM PDT We continue to work towards recovery of the issue causing increased error rates for the DynamoDB APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region. 4:52 AM PDT We want to give you more information about what is happening. The root cause began with a portion of our metadata service within DynamoDB. This is an internal sub-service which manages table and partition information. Our recovery efforts are now focused on restoring metadata operations. We will be throttling APIs as we work on recovery.


seems like autoscale uses dynamo underneath, because i'm not able to execute any policies

Kira Sotnikov12:09:47

moving to oregon >_>

Kira Sotnikov12:09:10

Thanks god we have cloudformation


SQS in us-east also down afaict




quite the bloodbath


we're seeing improvement now though