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hi i'm a newbie to running clojure projects on aws lambda and im coming across the following error. I uploaded a standalone jar for a clojure project that I generated using "lein uberjar". I suspect this is something very simple that happened even before the program is run. any thought is much appreciated!


Check that the name of your handler matches what the lambda is expecting.


Thanks for the help! my handler is "thesis-main.core::main" (without the quotation marks). I do have a function called "-main" (without quotation marks) in my clojure code. Is this considered a match? If not, what do you recommend I have in stead? Thank you!


Mmmm, can you post the ns that your handler file is in? The lambda I was working on the other week has looks like:

  (ns handler
   :implements [])
  (:require [ :as json]...)


And the runtime setting in aws the Handler is handler


My handler setting is in the picture below and that code snippet is how i referenced it in my code. I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly though. Thank you!

(ns thesis-main.core
(require '[clojure.set :as s])