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What is recommended for storing state in lambda? Fro mwhat I read online, SimpleDB / DynamoDb are expensive due to cryptographical auth in REST requests; while RDS has issues with re-usintg db pool.


What kind of state are we talking about and what kind of access patterns are needed? From my experience DynamoDB is an excellent key-value storage but it’s limited and difficult if you need complex queries.


If you need SQL then I’d recommend using RDS’s. I don’t have experience using it with Lambda but there seem to be workarounds to deal with the connection pooling.


I’ve been using S3 and DynamoDB.


I think I'm going to try S3 and DynamoDB too.


I think I can get away with not using SQL queries at all -- and DynamoDB seems less work to manage/configure than RDS.


The provisioned read/write units seemed a bit weird / expensive at first, but I think I can understand it now.