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Yeah, that resonates with me. After all, I switched from Emacs (after two decades) to Atom because I wanted a modern, customizable editor -- whereas Emacs isn't modern and VS Code isn't customizable. You're right that a lot of people who pick a "modern editor" don't seem to want the level of customization that Atom offers (and I keep seeing people on Reddit et al saying "Isn't Atom dead?").


Yep, even with new updates people ask if "atom is dead" because no particular "new feature" is being developed - just bugfixes and version bumps of some packages. I really don't know what'll happen to Atom in the future, but I really don't want to see VSCode replacing it 😞


I could probably live with VS Code if it allowed more customization 🙂


i've been pleasantly surprised to find that atom is working better now for me than when i first started using it 🙂 i've found vscode is snappy and slick, but after having made some extensions, i distinctly get the feeling that if you want to do anything that isn't in ms' plans you may very likely have a very difficult time. this is one area where i find emacs and atom to be much better (though i've found the latter to be a lot harder to work with when investigating "difficulties").