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Hey, I’m starting to actually try things out and realize I’m incredibly naive. That’s how I typically roll, but still. Two things trip me up; the documentation talks about tg: keywords, and it took me a while to realize they’re now a:. Also the “delete-database” function mentioned above isn’t in the docs, as far as I can see. Where am I supposed to be looking to understand? Is the code the first-class place to go, or what is the mental map I should use? 🙂


Ah! Thank you for this!!! I will update the docs!

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The code is always the best place to go, but I try to keep up with the docs


I’m eating right now. I’ll get to these as soon as I'm done

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No rush. Thanks! I’ll try to have a look at the code. Just need to get used to looking inside the box… 🙂


Done. Please let me know if I missed any!