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Bart Kleijngeld12:05:20

In RDF4j, when reading triples from a Turtle file, I can pass in a context parameter which makes that triple part of a named graph by that name. I use this to store the file's URL, so I can query for a file's statements (or a statement's file origin) later. Is there something like this I can do in Asami? AFAIK it doesn't support named graphs, but maybe there's some functionality I don't know of. (Regards in-memory database use)


I always intended to store different names graphs in different files (currently identified by the connection URI… which also applies to in-memory storage). The issue is that I haven't added query language support for this. This is about the 3rd big use case to update the query language, so I’m thinking that I need to start focusing on it.

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Spring has been busy, and my son graduated this past weekend, so I’ve been distracted, but I think things are freeing up for me

Bart Kleijngeld12:05:19

Nice, sounds good. And congratulations!


Congrats 😃