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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:04:09

It seems that :db/add supports lookup node-refs in the subject position for existing entities, as the following test passes:

(deftest existing-add-ref
  @(d/transact *conn* {:tx-data [{:id "existing1"}
                                 {:id "existing2"}]})
  @(d/transact *conn* {:tx-data [[:db/add [:id "existing1"] :ref [:id "existing2"]]]})
  (is (= {:id "existing1",
          :ref {:id "existing2"}}
         (d/entity (d/db *conn*) "existing1"))))
I struggle to understand what is the correct way to 1. create a new entity and 2. link an existing entity to it. For the link I cannot use the new entity's :id as a lookup ref because it is not created yet and I do not have any other ID (since I cannot use :db/id -1 together with specifying a custom :id ). It is demonstrated by the following failing test:
(deftest existing-add-ref-to-new
  @(d/transact *conn* {:tx-data [{:id "existing"}]})
  @(d/transact *conn* {:tx-data [{:id "new"}
                                 [:db/add [:id "existing"] :ref [:id "new"]]]})
  ; BROKEN: Resolving the lookup ref does not work, it is stored as-is - likely b/c the entity cannot be looked up
  ;         since we are only just creating it
  (is (= {:id "existing",
          :ref {:id "new"}}
         (d/entity (d/db *conn*) "existing"))))
; => Expected {... :ref {:id "new"}}, Actual {... :ref [:id "new"]}

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:05:46

@U051N6TTC I'd like to help fix ☝️, ie make it possible to include new entities being added by the current transaction in where we look up the :id IDs. Any pointers, ideas? (I guess entities/resolve-lookup-refs is the place to look. The code is very readable, great job!) I see Issues are still not enabled so I instead


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