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So, was watching a nice presentation on the unfortunately named database Crux/XTDB… 🙂 Anyway, this was presented as a comparison and I’m not sure how to understand the bottom line here about “ad-hoc documents”. What are the limitations with Asami regarding data structures? (The presentation is about a year old, if it matters.)


Naming is hard 🙂 This is a fuzzy definition that should arguably be decomposed into a few rows, but essentially XT will handle (i.e. store and index) anything that can be round-tripped via including byte-buffers, without the user having to provide a schema (e.g. arbitrary value types can co-exist under the same attribute) and without losing information (e.g. ordering of vector / cardinality-many values). The latest version of this table looks a little different


Hey, that was you in the presentation! Took me awhile. Great presentation, great job all around. Amazed to get a reply from the source, thank you so much. I’m generally interested in this space and this helps my understanding a bunch. Thanks again! 😄

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Aha, my pleasure, and I'm glad you found it interesting ☺️


I’m not really sure. What I can say is that Asami should be able to store anything that can round-trip through a string, though I haven't actually tried it

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