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Happy 2022 everyone.  I just wanted to leave a quick note for @quoll and everyone else working on Asami to say Well Done and Thank You.  Asami has really been fun to use and without it I don't know that I would have made the leap to exploring datalog.  In particular: • Being schema-less made it feasible for me to explore a number of ways of modeling the datoms I wanted to create from the data I already had (which has been represented by fact and dimension tables in a traditional data warehouse approach) • The analytic support, as well as integration with Loom, made it easy for me to show my colleagues how to understand the data as a graph and understand how datalog is used to traverse that graph • The pluggable storage made it very easy for me to start with in-memory work and switch to durable storage as the scale increased • The Introduction docs are great

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Sounds great! Any hints or tips on that easy visualization? 🙂


I just followed the examples in the docs at


Oh… thank you for the reminder! The Loom protocols need to be extended to the Durable store in Asami.


Thanks, I'll try. Fwiw, from reading the Asami page on Loom I had trouble knowing which Loom it's about. Maybe obvious to experienced clojurists? Just entering “loom” in eg Clojars isn't exactly helpful in figuring out which one it is. I found it in the end but maybe a link to the official repo would help 😊


Good point, thank you

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