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I have a question, I read the documentation, but maybe I don’t find what I want. I would like to create a similar query like at Datomic:

(d/q '[:find (pull ?m pattern) ...
if I understand good that is similar like
(mapv #(d/entity db %) (d/q '[:find [?m ...]
when I would like to get all records. Is that possible add a pattern for this like at Datomic..? (which extract the connected informations?)


maybe connected to this, so you can ignore my question

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The pull API really is the most popular missing feature. I really need to get onto it soon. Unfortunately, I keep saying yes to requests to give talks, and that means that all my spare time is spent on that right now. For instance, I’m working on a talk right now.

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Perhaps you should consider giving a talk about the upcoming Asami pull API support? 😁


Soooo many “upcoming” things to do 😢


Admittedly, I also let myself get sidetracked this week when I started building cljs-math


Just this morning I'd been benchmarking the > Pull [...] wasn’t performant. Up to the point where building pull tree manually using entities would outperform pull, even with all entities overhead. This seemed weird, because pull has much more information ahead of time, which could be leveraged for optimizations. Specifically, the dominant use case for me would be pulling deep subtrees, and that's what I tested. I couldn't believe how well DataScript's pull performed compared to Asami's entity, about an order of magnitude faster. (And that's discounting the negative effect deeply nested trees have on Asami's entity as previously discussed.) Seeing as Asami is generally the fastest of Datalog databases (as far as I know), it would be exciting to see Asami's pull 🙂


And, yes, will be watching the re:Clojure talk live :)


I’ll be presenting it live 😬


They’d prefer a video, but I don’t like the way that works out, so I’m going to attempt doing it live. It will be fun sorting out the technical issues, I’m sure 🙂


It'll be fine 😁


The Strange Loop talk went great!


Thank you 🙂