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I’m using version 2.2.0, and (a/as-of db (Instant/now)) throws “Unable to retrieve database for datatype class java.time.Instant”. However this works (a/as-of db (java.util.Date.)) . Should I make sure to use java.util.Date or is this unexpected?


I probably just supported Dates without thinking. I’ll try to fix it quickly

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I was following along with your excellent strangeloop talk, and could get this slide's code to work. I think its reasonable to ask me the user to coerce to, but java.time Instant would be convenient.


OK, I see what I did. I mixed myself up thinking of instants, because Clojure “instants” are actually java.util.Date values. But the instant datatype is supported in storage. “Instant” is being used with more than one meaning, and appears in various places… and I got myself confused. A mistake on my part. This function should support both. I’m fixing it right now


BTW, thank you for the compliment on my talk ☺️