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How very rdf:Statement of you!


That’s my way of saying…. “No” 🙂

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Since attribute is just another datom in Datomic you can do:

[?p ?a ?p2]
[?a :db/ident :friend]
But in Datomic edges are scalar and unlabeled. If we ease that requirement, perhaps we can push this further:
[?p ?e ?p2]
[?e :attr/ident :friend]
[?e :date ?date]
The primary difference being that ?e could have a multiple cardinality unlike Datomic.
[?p ?e ?p2]
[?e :attr/ident :friend]
[?e :priority ?p]
[(> ?p 10)]  ;; and maybe in find we want to (count ?e)
Warning: I'm still pre- so this may all be gibberish; but I like playing with the duality of labeled edges vs labeled-nodes + more-edges. This may be all very impractical. 🙂