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Craig Brozefsky00:03:17

I updated to Alpha7 and I'm not seeing string attributes...

Craig Brozefsky00:03:28

nvm, just restared JVM


doh. I’m going through my environment madly here wondering what I did wrong :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Craig Brozefsky00:03:19

confirmed that I get enities with string attrs now

Craig Brozefsky00:03:35

sorry, I apparently am not handling my global vars properly...

Craig Brozefsky00:03:08

kewl, confirmed in both mem and durable store


BTW, I need to add this to the docs, but if you find you want to work with internal nodes at the repl, then these functions are in asami.graph

=> (require '[asami.graph :refer [new-node node-read node-reader]])
=> (require '[clojure.edn :as edn])
=> (new-node 36859)
#a/n "36859"
=> (node-read "36895")
#a/n "36859"
=> (edn/read-string {:readers node-reader} "[#a/n \"36895\" #a/n \"36896\" #a/n \"36897\"]")
[#a/n "36895" #a/n "36896" #a/n "36897"]