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REST and CRUD are fundamentally different


GraphQL is mostly an RPC interface


I wish we start seeing proper REST systems, but it is not something people seem to be interested in


I also hope we stop seeing CRUD systems, in favour of event sourcing and/or CQRS


CQRS is complex, it is not as simple as it reads


I can see GraphQL might help being more flexible with the Q part of CQRS, but so would SQL or datalog.


The CRUD/CQRS question is largly ortogonal to the query languange/protocol queston, I think.

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Hi, do you know good papers about how to build good APIs in clojure?

Drew Verlee18:05:00

Well… what do you mean by API? Its a fairly general idea imo.


I mean the general API - so not REST or more special kinds ...


For example I describe data being consumed by our system using schema ( I would call this a data-driven-api. But I assume, there are many more and probably more elegant ways to describe APIs in clojure?

Drew Verlee15:05:24

well if your looking to describe clojure data for the purposes of validation then i suppose Clojure Spec would help. Its similar in nature to spec, but spec can be used for generating data as well.


would say spec & schema are playing in the same field ... but spec will allow to autogenerate doc where schema is not able to ...