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Hey all, I'm starting a new Clojure(Script) project and am wondering if there's something like an up-to-date guide to making major architectural decisions in the cl(js) space? e.g. for web server architecture, it seems duct is becoming a good alternative to traditional ad-hoc approaches (`arachne`'s future being uncertain). For front-end, re-frame, re-natal are must-see; and for client/server, GraphQL and Lacinia look capable (promising to solve a lot of typical problems with REST). etc


@limist for front end & backend api. Think fulcro is just amazing (unified backend & frontend) no need for graphql :)


Its basically built on top of om-next most innovation is there :) but still amazing docs, and active slack chamnel


@claudiu Thanks for this, hadn't seen or heard of fulcro at all, am perusing the docs. Can it do react-native, and reach smartphones?