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@imetallica I'm unfamiliar with pubsub and presence but I've read the Pulsar docs and it seems impressive. I ended up not using it because I don't particularly like actors and if there's any performance benefit, I didn't need that either. Can you elaborate on what you're using pubsub/presence for, and why CRDT prevents you from using Redis?


@yonatanel maybe I'm not clear enough. Yes, it's quite like actors work in Erlang. I quite liked it, but wanted to know if someone has used it already so could give me some feedback. About Redis and PubSub, well, we use Redis for that. CRDT is a datatype with some properties that avoid conflicts in case of merge from a network partition, and it's quite used for, for example, knowing the amount of devices a user is current online (an mobile app and web app). Usually used in conjunction with websockets.


What is a good source/book/video/article to know more about CRDT and the way it’s used ? I’m going through the wiki page right now.


@U4WGD1SMC I would suggest you to read the paper about CRDTs, since there are a bunch of different CRDTs implementation.


How do I know more about the bigger context about where CRDTs are applicable ?


I already have a grasp of the basics of distributed systems


@U4WGD1SMC well most of the applications on CRDTs are to avoid conflicts on data merging when, for example, two nodes have the same kind of data and the network spikes and they receive two different versions of the same data structure. My battery is running low, but if you want we can chat about them later.