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@savelichalex: I like FRP (zelkova/reagi/re-frame) with React (om/reagent/run etc), but have not built anything big enough to really be sure that it holds up


@danielytics: Does you try something similar to actors?


I haven’t tried, no. I’ve only used re-frame for a real app and tinkered with reagi and zelkova (but not used them for real). So.. I like FRP, but I’ve no real experience in them as yet. I haven’t tried actors at all. I guess the closest would be core.async “graphs”


I like re-frame because I don't know much about frontend architecture and it gives me a nice box to put my stuff in


Using just reagent, I was juggling state in several different places and it became hard to keep track of it all. Having a clear pattern to follow helps a lot.