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only $2000 away from first stretch goal!


oh no, there is no fingers crossed emoji


ok well we didn't make the stretch goal


It’s ok… we were so close, I’ll most likely be able to finish that with the funds we did get.


I’ll send out an update when I finish my day job in a few minutes.


Thanks so much everyone! This is going to be awesome.


Thank you for putting yourself out there like this. I’m excited to start using arachne when it comes out.


One of my big wishes is for at least design documents to come towards the stretch goals. That is, writing up roughly what Arachne’s version of that should look like, so that if someone has the time / energy it could look like that. Especially given some alternatives like JHipster, which does the three stretch goals that were a bit out of reach, I’d like to see some sort of long-term design put towards supporting those as Arachne hopefully grows, thrives, and starts getting significant outside contributions